Wednesday, December 26, 2012

About Me

Hey there! 

Welcome to Bella Boo's Beauties. This blog hopes to inspire your inner crafter and keep you creating all through your life! It's already growing so much and I am can't wait to see where it goes. I love new ideas so please feel free to email me, fb message, or add a comment with your thoughts. 

But before you start exploring this site, here's a little backstory...

My full name is Isabella, but "Bella" has become a popular nickname! The "Boo" part comes from my dad always calling me "Bella Boo." I thought it fitting to name this blog "Bella Boo's Beauties," because I believe that anything handmade is uniquely beautiful. I find it so easy to get down on myself when something goes wrong in the creating process, but I have to keep reminding myself, and I hope you all will to, that the work I put into it is much more gratifying than how it comes out.

On that note, I am a beginner sewer and plan to have many oopers and bloopers along the road! 

I just recently got my machine in 2012. It is is a CS-6000i Brother and I LOVE it. If you have ever worked on a Singer, it works very much the same way! Nice and simple, but its work and stitches come out beautifully.

I also hope to give you an insight to my life as a normal everyday teenager through this blog. I LOVE to run and of course to be crafty! Oh and I love to goof off so prepare yourself for some cheesy jokes :) I think the best reason to be crafty is for gift giving! It just warms me up when I am proud of the gift I'm giving! I hope you all enjoy this blog as much as I do writing it!

Blogging to you with lots of love!

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